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Sakura Dance

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I'm a huge fangirl~ I read about as many shounen titles as shoujo titles. I like collecting manga. My manga collection is getting close to 200 volumes (US releases), which cost me a lot over the years. I love good stories and pretty art.

I'm going to be a doctor~ <-- for sure XD, but not sure about the specialty yet >.>;;

I'm an editor for the scanlation groups aerie and syuura, and I also translate chinese --> english for aerie. I help out with QCing and proofreading when needed too~
I've used photoshop for about 2 years. <.<

I don't like grainy/low quality graphics. I only use icons I've made myself, but I don't do any icontests. I love making icons, sigs/banners, winamp skins, wallpapers, vectors of screenshots, layouts, etc and share them. As it stands now, I don't have time to do any of that. T_T Medical school is keeping me busy. Super time-consuming x.x Can't wait til I actually get to see patients.

Still super in love with ouran host club~ XD


I'm listing everyone/where I downloaded stuff from even if I haven't used them yet so that I won't forget to later when I do use something from these talented people.

unmasked_icons ohfreckle arisubox wonderland__ dearest creamuts offensive resunik meleada forbiddenstorm so_out_of_ideas vsheartbreaker paperink ca_pris neke _iconographer fraoch_icons iiokua chiffanichan lemonrocket michaellamarch silverqe _promenadeicons sir amethystia100 scrapbookart fuyuno gandamu 9thaquilo illegitima xxkuu_chan neckerchief pixisity girlboheme gothic_mischief kekoah tcg1026 springfly lilbrokenangel toybirds divine_desire wicked_avis fearher indienotebook daisukicons ianthinus mish18 papayacrazy may_icons _excentric_ ashenvale_moon passing_girl tiffcali offbeat_upbeat keoni_chan restless_dreamz p_i_x_a_r schattengrafik innocent_lexys isiscaughey 99mockingbirds

One of my favorite places to get color schemes is colorlovers. <3

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