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Sakura Dance
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18th-May-2010 03:18 pm - Semi-friends only
girl with butterfly

Actually, it's only semi-friends-only. I'm too lazy to open up photoshop again and change the text. >_>;;;

My posts with winamp skins, wallpapers, my own scans, layouts, other graphics, and some manga will not be friends-locked. Feel free to friend me.

My personal life stuff like school and work will be friends-locked as well as scans I got from MT or AP. So if you feel like hearing about my rantings about school and work or how little time I have, feel free to drop a comment. Please let me know one reason why I should add you back. ^_~ Comments are screened :x

My layout community is over at sakura_dance and my website is over at cuppy-cake.net.

I may also take requests from my flist for manga, anime, music, layouts, headers, profile layouts, icons, etc. I may share random OSTs or singles.

fo banner by saa_chan ^^ don't use without credit
25th-Sep-2009 09:43 pm - blah blah~
girl with butterfly
I'm on a really chill rotation next month, so I'll have lots of time to scan stuff :D I just remembered I have two 8 hour exams next month too... but those are gonna be over after the middle of the month :D My Zero Sum is gonna be a little delayed (about a week later than release date) since I ordered it with some other stuff, like Prince Animage 3! I'm looking forward to the Prince Animage. I have the previous two volumes. Great bang for your buck :DD I also got the 07 Ghost postcard book (I think). Dunno what that's gonna be like. My pandora hearts artbook should be getting here next week.

The yen to dollar exchange rate is so crappy now T_T I hope it doesn't go lower than this for too long >_<;
2nd-Sep-2009 03:06 pm - October Zero Sum releases
girl with butterfly
I got my copy today! Thanks to priestnobaka, I already saw the 07 Ghost scans yesterday :DD. Anyway, I debinded my copy again to scan~ because I'm on a scanning spree :3

Series included in this release batch are:
07 Ghost
Are you Alice?

All available for download at my website. No fancy table thingy this time. I got tired of that.
29th-Aug-2009 06:23 pm - Zero sum releases part 2
Grab some more Zero Sum goodies~ part 2 of the release includes 6 series I scanned today :D

Series included in this release batch are:

- Ultra Black

- Hatenkouyugi (Dazzle)

- Izayakaku

- Landreaall

- Inorihime ha Sora ni Warau

- Tetsuichi

29th-Aug-2009 12:24 am - Zero Sum releases
I scanned 7 series from the September issue of Zero Sum. 4 are old ones that were already on my site, and 3 are new, including +C: Sword and Cornett :D I included pics this time \o/ My next issue is coming early next week. I can't wait for the 07 Ghost chapter!

releases behind the cutCollapse )

27th-Aug-2009 09:03 pm - :3 food for thought?
girl with butterfly
I've been thinking, my journal is too cluttered with my scans and such. Maybe I should open my own sharing journal/community and post my scans there, like all the stuff I scanned for animepaper. I don't think I'll scan any of my manga, except the raws in Japanese magazines... maybe The Demon Ororon. I want to spread Mizuki Hakase love.

My 07 Ghost volume 2 and 3 came today :D I'm glad go! Comi kept the color pages. My other mangas came too \o/ I really haven't bought many volumes this year, probably under 20. I'm really dying to get my hands on the 5th and final volume of Demon Flowers. I love Mizuki Hakase work. So different and beautiful.

Does anyone else on my flist scan stuff? Anybody wanna share a scanning journal with me?
25th-May-2009 06:49 pm - new linkin park song
girl with butterfly
I heard it on the radio last Friday and totally fell in love with this song~

I'm buying this song tomorrow on amazon.com since it'll be available there tomorrrow < 3
20th-May-2009 05:41 pm - scans?
girl with butterfly
Looks like the pixiv girls collection wasn't a big hit XD I scanned my Colorful Sugar Drops by Adumi Tohru yesterday. It's a doujinshi art collection with about 25 pictures printed in a small long booklet. I spent about $30 on it, which is a little less than most artbooks I get, but this is also many times smaller in terms of size and material. I still love it though. It's got gorgeous Adumi Tohru art! The other Adumi Tohru doujin I got had about 10 pics and cost about the same, so I was a little less thrilled. It's still gorgeous though. I think I'll take some pics later :D
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